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Beach Handball Australia


Beach handball is something different.  The opportunity here is the point of difference.

The images tell a story.  The whole Australia team contributes and has generated their own social following.

The collective team goal has been communicated to evoke emotion in the public and engage, to then persuade to donate and support the team in the upcoming global competition in Russia in July.



The objectives of the strategy are increased brand awareness and engagement, and conversion to purchase decisions via buying merchandise or donations.

The landing page tells a story, has clear call to actions and delivers high performance and user experience.

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Project Outcomes

ROI for the first 3 month campaign is 300%.  Increase in followers by 212%.  Target metrics achieved in the page views and unique visitor metrics, the 'likes' by gender, age and location, the demographic reach and how users found the page, and the "talking about this" target metric met.  Target achieved to fund athletes to travel to Russia to compete and team filmed and broadcast on 'The Block' television program.

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