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Yarra Bend Golf


Marketing manager role to develop and implement a 3 year marketing and communications plan.  Public and media relations.  Event management including the Australian Speedgolf Championships.  Website management.  Social media management.  Brand refresh including new tagline 'a better experience.'  Brand guidelines established.  Creative asset library built including video and photography for multiple platforms.  Sponsorship targets met.  Relationship management.

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Brand Identity Guidelines

Having established the Yarra Bend Golf positioning and values, they were then brought to life with a visual identity.  The brand elements express the positioning in a rich presentation that details both constraints along with room for creative interpretation within these.

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Australian Speedgolf Open

Through the experience of travelling to Oregon, USA for a public relations role with Speedgolf Australia in 2014 at the World Championships at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, I pitched the initiative to bring the Australian Speedgolf Open to Yarra Bend Golf.  It was a successful event.  It was broadcast on Fox Sports 3 and attracted much media attention including radio and print.  A world record was broken on the day with the Australian athlete shooting a score of just 77 in 31 minutes.  This event enabled the social media-driven metrics to be achieved, much print media to be published as well as radio and enhanced a positive brand image of the facility that lead to growth in membership, sales and customer loyalty, growth in brand awareness and positive word of mouth.

Through the relationship between Yarra Bend Golf and Speedgolf Australia, many such successful tournaments have been held.

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Overall Project Outcomes

Revenue stream targets were continually met along with the annual growth targets.  Collectively the activities in the marketing plan lead to a progressively deeper relationship between the brand and its publics. Via Twitter, Facebook & YouTube we succeeded in reaching target audience in terms of age, gender and location and most importantly, it generated leads and converted leads into customers, loyal customers.

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